EV Charging Profiles 

There is just something sexy about EV Charging Profiles... aka "charging curves" based on programming of the OEM's BMS (battery management system)...

In this article on fastest charging EVs, they state that the EQS can charge from 10% to 80% in 31 minutes. Okay. Got any proof? Sure enough, the King of "Specs" aka the "Out of Spec Review" family of videos just happen to test the charging of the EQS from ZERO "state of charge" and found it would do 73% in 31 minutes. Therefore, it should easily do 10 to 80% also in the same time. Here is the complete list:

Photo Credit: Mercedes Benz USA

NOTE: This is NOT an endorsement or a recommendation to buy this vehicle... in Black, the EQS caught our eye on the "fastest charging EVs" list so we thought we would test the claim. 

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P.S. I DO have a #Canoo #Pickemup #Truck on order and do own $GOEV stock.


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