NACS NEWS (but is it?)

The long story short here is this, Tesla wins again. They have more better faster chargers than anyone on the planet. It was only a matter of time before the other OEMs somehow convinced Elon Musk and $TSLA to share its FastCharge network.

Or was it the owners of non-Teslas that lobbied?

Look, the bottom line is, we’re over a year away from seeing any significant impact from the other OEMs by adopting this standard. What Elon’s team would be able to implement in 90 days or less is going to become one long drawn out nightmare.You heard it here first. —ski

Here now, today's Audio Podcast:

the.SKI.man · 19AUG23


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”But SKI, what is an adoption curve?”

Thanks to the folks at Think Insights for the article and image explaining Geoffrey Moore's Technology Adoption Curve, complete w/ Chasm!


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