Speaker & Mentor

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Looking for an informed opinion?

I ask for $6000.00USD per day to keynote or speak at an Event or business. Almost anywhere in the 47 Continental USA.

I also mentor startup founders around the USA in 30 day increments with plenty of follow up and unlimited [within reason] access to me via phone, text, Zoom, or limited in-person meetings.


  • Electric Vehicle Adoption in the USA 
  • EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) aka EV Charging in FAST mode.
  • Applying FOCUS to your B2B FOR PROFIT privately held firm ($1 Miilion to $99 Million Gross Annual Sales)
  • Dr. Eli Goldratt's Theory of Constraints (TOC) Note: It is now a Law!
  • Outplaced? How to find your first, best destiny QUICKLY


Let’s get started... Text me: 330.992.4754