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Fast Charge Energy

The Amazing Universal Wall Solution

The Amazing Universal Wall Solution

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Why Amazing?

This AC Charging solution works with ALMOST all EVs including Tesla, Ford, Nissan, Rivian, and many more. How? What Tesla calls the "magic dock" that mates a J1772 adaptor to its NACS cord. 

Two Buttons — No Waiting!

Push one button and it is the traditional Telsa cable, aka NACS (North American Charging Standard)... but press the other and out pops the same cable with a J1772 adaptor affixed in a most appropriate manner!

Motortrend magazine's Eric Tingwall calls it the "Genuis New Home Charger" but wait, it is that and a whole lot more! It is also available for commercial installations as well. And we can help make that happen.

Solution: Our Offering

  • The Tesla brand Universal Wall Connector (MSRP: $595)
  • Various speeds depending on each locale up to 44mi/hr of range
  • Site Inspection and confirmation of suitable power source
  • Help to select a licensed LOCAL electrical contractor
  • Project Oversight and Management
  • Provisioning and Testing
  • 24/7 Monitoring for 90 days (provided suitable Wi-Fi is available)
  • Accessories available for purchase include Pedestal and/or Color Front plates to match your car.

We hold your hand through the whole process.

We do not offer this service in AK, CA, or HI.

100% money-back guarantee up to 72 hours prior to Site Inspection.

Listen to "Episode 69 - Universal Wall Connector" on Spreaker.

Price(s) are subject to change without notice.

FastCharge Energy™ is an Authorized VAR for Atom Power in the State of Ohio and offers system designs for A/DC FastCharge™ solutions in the 47 Continental US of America.
A USMC Veteran Owned Business.


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