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Our Mission is simple...

Hands-On Help for 90+ Days

This package is basically phone/text/email support.

There are NO Containers included in this offering.

HOWEVER, we do hold your hand through EACH and EVERY STEP.
(As much as you allow us)

Created for everyone that wants to live "Smart, Secure, yet Sufficient" lives, the Team at (aka Affordable Quarters TODAY) put our talents together to provide an inexpensive path to homeownership for those in need.

First, for the DIY (Do It Yourselfer) but also where local talent is available for any and all tasks beyond the new home owners' abilities. Includes access to our support team for 90 Days after your building block(s) are delivered to your home site.

Our Care Packaging is the first step in that exciting journey

Your purchase ensures you have access to qualified "help" eight hours a day, six days a week,  fifty weeks a year (8/7/350). No, not someone to do it for you, but a maven to point the way or to simply connect you to the proper authority or service provider.


Text DIY to 740.462.7544

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This Care Package includes a bit of swag and is shipped at no additional charge. Please expect Second Day Delivery, Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays.