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Should I assume that most knowledge workers know that not only is LinkedIn a job board, but it is also one of the best for the A Player [to be named later]?

We know what happens when you assume, right?

I am excited to help, offering up my 40+ years of experience on both sides of the exchange. In that time I had the honor and challenge of hiring hundreds of great people. With just four exceptions. Yes, I only had to fire four people in forty years.

Also helped close to one hundred business owners or hiring managers for larger firms hire a lot of Talent as well.

Need help? #YouHaveNotBecauseYouAskNot 

Select the "pull-down" menu above to select TALENT or HIRING MGR to indicate your role and therefore, purchase the proper package.

Both include 30 Days of help. If offers aren't made within that timeframe your money will be cheerfully refunded and we shall go our separate ways, Yes, a 100% money-back guarantee if I can't make a difference QUICKLY!

I don't want your money if I don't produce RESULTS.

NOTE: Only a few slots are available for each... timing is everything.

Have questions before you buy? Let's chat:

Text "A PLAYER" to 330.992.4754 to #getHired


Text "TALENT" to 330.992.4754 to #hireTalent

Fair enough?


P.S. Be sure to share this with your loved ones looking for meaningful work... or business owners, share with your Hiring Managers not getting their work done as a result of open job reqs. It does require that you have a profile on LinkedIn.


Recorded via a LiveCAST today [March 3, 2022] 

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