Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Founder & Speaker

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Need a speaker for your next MeetUp or Chamber Event?

Reach out to the SKI

A Toastmaster since 1995, this class clown has delivered over 600 speeches across the USA, in numerous Toastmasters International clubs from coast to coast, SKI has also delivered keynote speeches and presented on a variety of Tech, Business Strategy, and Hiring Best Practices for workshops and educational venues like Kent State University, StartupBus, and VoiceFirst events.

Through the end of 2021, SKI limits his engagements to Ohio and with sufficient T&E will do other venues east of the Mississippi.

Price does NOT include T&E

"I am passionate about affordable housing and as a result I am willing to speak almost anywhere in Ohio for one single U.S. Dollar plus gasoline money. This topic is that important to all of us."

To confirm availability, first schedule a free call:

During his eCommerce adventures, he helped build solutions that have sold tens of millions of dollars of goods and services beginning on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina in 1997.

Did we mention he taught Computer Science for ten years?

Or that AffordableQuarters is his 22nd Startup? In fact, he claims he has more rejection letters from TechStars than anyone should ever have to endure. However, he has two successful exits. 

If that isn't enough, he has hired close to 500 people (some as employees, consultants, temps, and co-founders) only having to fire three. So far.

As Zig Ziglar used to say, SKI is like the "cross-eyed discus thrower" — he may not set any records but he does keep the crowd alert!


The Logical Thinking Process

SKI is also a Jonah's Jonah in Dr. Eli Goldratt's Theory of Constraints (TOC) and created the Jonah3+3™ "Six Day" offering of The Logical Thinking Process with the help of H. William 'Bill' Dettmer in 2002.

If you have studied Goldratt's work and are ready to become a Jonah, select the Audience "Would be Jonah" at the top of this screen to enroll in my 100% Virtual Jonah3+3™ Workshop with Certificate. It requires Six Days of training, 8hrs per day, with a one or two-day break between the first three and the last three days. We also need to agree on the challenge you will solve during the workshop. You MUST have 100% of the authority to implement the solution we create.

Note: This 100% virtual, in English, and held from 8 am to 5 pm in your timezone. It also includes three textbooks: Systems Thinking — And Other Dangerous Habits, Certain to Win, and Purple Curve Effect — SKI's Throughput on Command.


Jonah3+3 is a trademark of Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. Follow SKI for colourful insights and links to various Audio and Video feeds: Instagram or LinkedIn 

For a FREE copy of his book (PDF), Purple Curve Effect — SKI's Throughput on Command plus other pure gold nuggets, follow this link on svbtle.