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The Platform of Choice

Remember the early days of the internet?

I do, having built my first eCommerce website for ODOT in December, 1994. Yes. 1994.

Then, in 1996 consulting at LexisNexis, My role was to build the Billing Component for a multimillion dollar website. In order words, every transaction that required collecting money over the internet for this business offering was depending on software I wrote. In over twenty five years this site has collected hundreds of millions of dollars. Maybe more than a billion dollars.

in 1997, as a consultant on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, I started helping vacation rental companies market their businesses on the web and ultimately wrote a module that collected SECURELY millions of dollars in rental income. 

Today, I use Shopify to run my business.


Because it is the fastest and most secure platform I know of, and, it starts at just thirty bucks a month. Plus a small fee for each sold transaction.

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